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With extensive fibre, fixed-wireless and satellite networks, Xplornet Enterprise Solutions is able to offer a customized approach to your business needs. With a coast-to-coast network, connectivity is available to urban and rural businesses.

Because our business is to keep your business connected! 

To us, that means...
Connectivity nationwide
Scalable custom solutions
24/7 dedicated enterprise support

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• Scalable from 5Mbps up to 10GB+

• Committed information rate

• Standard unlimited data

• Guaranteed service level agreements

• Low latency

• Static IP

24/7 dedicated enterprise support

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• Reliable Internet for remote locations,maids sex

• Speeds up to 50Mbps1

• Backup plans available

• Unlimited data available3

24/7 dedicated enterprise support

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• Download speeds up to 100Mbps1

• Standard unlimited data

• Priority customer service

Backup plans available

24/7 dedicated enterprise support

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Contact the Xplornet Enterprise Solutions experts today at:
We’ll help you find a customized business Internet solution that fits your needs today and in the future. 

About Xplornet Enterprise Solutions,pahla sex

In today’s global business environment reliable connectivity has become essential. With our nationwide customers in mining, manufacturing, education, financial services, agriculture, health and retail, we recognize that businesses have different requirements when it comes to connectivity.
That’s why Xplornet Enterprise Solutions offers customized connectivity to meet and exceed today’s business requirements. A 24/7 Network Operations Centre, dedicated to our business customers only, we provide priority service to keep your business running around the clock.

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Xplornet Enterprise Solutions is setting a new standard for servicing Canadian businesses — from the most remote locations to urban centres nationwide. As your business grows with day-to-day operations, your dependency on reliable, high-speed Internet increases dramatically. With extensive fibre, fixed wireless and satellite networks, a customized solution is available to your business, regardless of bandwidth requirements or location. 
Built on a hybrid fibre solution that meets the demands of your business today and in the future.

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1Packages subject to availability. Speed online may vary based on Internal traffic, servers, computer/router configurations and other factors. Internet Traffic Management Policies apply, please see

2 Plans are subject to network availability at your location. 

3Reduced speeds beyond the data included in your plan. You will receive reduced speeds of up to 2.5 Mbps beyond the full speed quota included in your plan. 

Xplornet® is a trademark of Xplornet Communications Inc. © 2020 Xplornet Communications Inc.

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We grow with your business, providing speed and data options as your business needs change.
Our fully redundant network infrastructure delivers unsurpassed speed, security, and reliability.
You don't need to be urban to have a secure, high-speed Internet connection you can rely on.
Meet the Xplornet Enterprise Solutions team.

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Thanks to Xplornet Enterprise Solutions, our fast and reliable Internet service helps us deliver our company-wide and nation-wide services with no interruptions.

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