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Agricultural equipment manufacturing is a unique and growing industry in Canada, with revenues averaging just over billion per year.1  In Canada, agricultural equipment manufacturing has evolved as a distinct sector of innovation and economic activity relative to other manufacturing sectors.

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Some of the world’s most innovative agricultural equipment has been and continues to be developed and made in Canada.
Many agricultural equipment manufacturers commenced business as farmers or in rural communities adjacent to farms.  They produced agricultural equipment that met the local farmers' needs that were unique to the growing conditions in the region.  

In this way, Canadian agricultural equipment manufacturers emerged as high-quality producers of specialized equipment.  Today this sector of the agricultural equipment manufacturing industry is known as the "shortline" sector because of the manufacturers' specialized equipment and expertise. 

Providing Innovative Equipment for Farmers

Agricultural equipment manufacturers value their close relationship with farmers, who give vital input about the equipment’s performance as well as their own needs. Farm shows offer an important opportunity to develop those relationships, allowing agricultural equipment manufacturers, the dealers who sell their equipment and the farmers who buy it to share crucial information. This exchange of information fuels innovation, resulting in better equipment that is more efficient and effective.


Given the harsh growing conditions in Canada, equipment that can withstand the extreme temperatures and conditions is well positioned to succeed in other parts of the world.  Canada exports around billion in agricultural equipment to over 150 countries each year.2

Much of the international trade is generated through relationships with the United States, Australia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Germany.   Shipping equipment to these countries means manufacturers must understand and meet international standards and regulations.

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Canadian agricultural equipment manufacturers understand the challenges and practices of farmers not just in Canada, but around the globe. They know that local culture and climate as well as government policies and economic realities impact farmers differently across geographies.

By meeting the needs of farmers, Canada’s agricultural equipment manufacturers are helping feed the world.